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Welcome to  the Wirll & Culbert Family Tree's



  Hello my name is Shelley Culbert and the following pages are my Quest for finding out as much history as I can on our families. There are many families involved and I have tried to find as much information as I can on each. It has only been in the last couple years that I have really started to get involved with finding out my history, I believe it is very important to find this out and to pass it down to my children and to their children, as well as anyone out there that might be connected to these families. This started out as just a project to find out a little on my Wirll family and has now turned into a great passion to find out all of my history as well as my husbands. I hope that you will find the following pages interesting and that you pass it on to anyone who might be related or just looking for information. I also hope that any one with information about any of these families that I have not been able to find will come forward and share their info.


   With that being said I would also like to point out that all information was searched out both through talking to family as well as searching the Internet. There have been many helpful people out there that are there for the same reason, to find family and to carry on our information to the future. I have tried to make sure all information is correct but there is always times when some things have been either typed wrong or was not correct when I received it. If there is any information that you find that is not right please email me so that I may make the corrections.


   Remember that a true family tree will always have information in it that we might not all like, people we do not all like to hear about. But this is the history of our families and that means all information is important, if I was to pick and choose what history we all wanted to see and hear it would or could be a very patchy tree.


   Again I would like to say WELCOME and I hope you enjoy the information I have gathered. And thank you to all who have helped me out in my Quest of our 

 Past, Present, and future.

I have decided to make all of my pages unavailable after certain Generations,this is being done

for many reasons but for the protection of everyones privacy the most.

Please email me for further information


--Shelley Culbert--


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