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I would just like to let everyone know that,the information that is now on here is correct.I have been working with a man who has been looking up the information for me.He has ordered away for the birth and marriage records as well as Church records for the area and surounding areas that my grandfather Joseph Wirll was born.He has told me information that I have that has a house # or a Baptism date that he has personally seen it in the Church records on the micro films. I owe a lot of thanks to Ron Schwarz for all the time he has put into looking up this information for me.





Baptism Records


The following is the actual baptism records that have been recorded on micro film.It is all in Latin and has been translated for me to the following information.


Names are in Latin on the documents. The endings of the names change
depending on grammatical function. The only time Latin names would be
used would be in church. I have put German names in [].


File 48 bottom

born 21 may 1870
bapt 22 may 1870
Annaberg, [no house number given]

Josephus [Josef]


Parentes: Marianna filia Georgii Wirl et Eva Schon

[Parents: Marianna, daughter of Georg and Eva Schoen]


Godparents: Georg Guentner and Marianna, wife of Georg Guentner, farmers.

Midwife: Elisabeth Jarosch
Baptised by: Father R Winkletz[?]

File 47 same but full page

File 49, second entry

born 10 oct 1877
bapt 11 oct 1877
Smorze Gorne, House number 15

Catharina [Katharina]


Johannes Guentner fil Josephi et Anna Kraus
Anna Mathy fia Josephi et Magdalena Reiss
[Johann Guentner, son of Josef [G.] and Anna Kraus
Anna Mathy, daughter of Josef [M.] and Magdalena Reiss]


Godparents: Peter Seckl and [unreadable], his wife, farmers.

Midwife: Maria Franz

Baptised by: [unreadable]



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