Origin Displayed : English


The name Warring reached England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. It is based on the Old French personal name Guarin  meaning to shelter or protect.



The English language only became standardized in the last few centuries. For that reason, spelling variations are common among many

Anglo-Norman names. The shape of the English language was frequently changed with the introduction of elements of Norman French,Latin,  and other European languages; even the spelling of literate people's

names were subsequently modified. Warring has been recorded under many different variations,

 including Waring, Wareing, Waringe, Wearing and many more.


First found in Devon where they were seated from ancient times, the patriarch of the family being Miles Sire de Guerin, who came to England with

William the Conqueror in 1066. He was originally a vassal of the Odo,the Bishop of Bayeaux.


To escape the uncertainty of the poltical and religious uncertainty found in England, many English families boarded ships at great expense to sail for the colonies held by Britian. The passages were expensive,though,

 and the boats were unsafe, over crowded and ridden with disease.Those who were hardy and lucky enough to make the passage intact were rewarded with land, opportunity,and social environment less prone to

religious and political persecution. Many of these families went on to being important contributors to the young Nation of Canada and the United States where they settled.Warrings were some of the first immigrants to arrive in North America.



Nathanial Waring and his wife who settled in Maryland in 1699

Richard Waring settled in Barbados in 1654

John Warin settled in New England in 1662

C.M. Waring arrived in Baltimore Maryland in 1823


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