Last Will of Myndert Van Gyseling

as copied by Debbie Cupp



Will of Myndert van Gyseling

In the name of God. Amen. I, Myndert Van Gyseling of Schenectady, in
Albany Co., farmer, April 2, 1771. I leave to my eldest son Elias £3 for
his Right of Primogeniture, with which he must be contented. I leave to
my wife, Suster, the use of my real and personal estate during her
widowhood, and after her death to my sons, Elias and Jacob. I leave to
my two sons all my lowland and upland at Schenectady, on which I live,
with the house, barns, barricks and farm, with the pasture called Elias
Plantation, bounded west by the heirs of William Teller, north by land
conveyed by me to my sons, Elias and Cornelis, and partly by Hermanus
Bratt, east by the heirs of Andries Van Petten, south by the high woods.
Also a piece of hay land Pasture and woodland called the Veursen
Creupelbos, which I bought from John Wemp and Aaron Bratt, Trustees of
Schenectady, being 23 morgans and about two English miles south of my
house, between Frederick Van Petten's house and Dowitje Gadt, my son
Elias shall pay to my three daughters, Catharine, wife of Samuel Arent
Bratt, Deborah, wife of Isaac P. Switts and Jacomyntje, wife of Aaron
Schermerhorn, each £12. I leave to my son Peter my house and lot in
Schenectady, in the north end of the town, in which he now liveth,
Bounded south by the street, west by Tobias van Eyck, east by William
Hall, north by the river. Also a piece of low land on the arrable land,
in the lot of Maytie Dame, on the south side of the Kings highway, which
I purchased of Jacobus S. Van Epps, being one morgan. I leave to my sons
Elias and Jacob my ¼ of the sawmill, with all the implements. I leave to
my three daughters all my household goods, and my wife's clothes, and
all my horses and cattle I leave to my four sons, Elias, Cornelius,
Jacob and Peter, all the rest of my lands and estate. I make my sons
Elias, Jacob and Peter executors.

Witnesses: John Sanders, John Hall, John I. Peech. Proved September 22,
Text: Copied from N.Y. His. Soc. Abt. of Wills, vol. VIII, p. 66



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