Descendants of Johannes Sayler



Generation No. 1


1.  JOHANNES1 SAYLER was born 23 Oct 1777 in Dornstetten,Germany, and died 21 Nov 1855 in Johannestal,Odessa District,South Russia.  He married ANNA BARBARA TRUCK, daughter of NICOLAUS TRUCK and MAGDALENA STOHR.  She was born 15 Apr 1787 in Dornstetten,Germany, and died 07 Jun 1874 in Johannestal,Odessa District,South Russia.


Karl Stumpp's Book Immigration from Germany to Russia 1825 Revisionsliste (Census) of colony of Johannestal on page 714.

Information from Church Documents of Dornstetten, Germany. Death Date: LDS Microfilm #1884074 pg 433 It 16 - 78 years 28 days Death record indicates he was still married at the time of his death. Information from Gordon M. Auch Johannes Sailer was a Citizen and Butcher of Dornstetten Germany and Becherwirth. Beckerwirth is perhaps a "owner of a tavern". A tavern owner was often a butcher as well. The owner would butcher his hogs and sell the meat in his tavern -- which was more of a restaurant. Usually the tavern owner was one of the most important people in town, because much of the town's official and unofficial business was taken care of at the tavern. Stumpp's book lists 4 children born to Johannes Sailer but the Dornstetten documents lists 6 children, five boys and one girl. Apparently three of these children perished from yellow fever, the plague or other disease. Perhaps on the journey from Germany to Russia.

Notes for Anna Barbara Truck:

Information on the death of Anna Barbara (Truck) Sailer was found in the St. Petersburg, Russia records for the Rohrbach Parish on LDS Microfilm # 1884120/1, Pg 733, Reg 9. She was 87 yrs 1 mo and 22 dys at the time of her death. It is stated she was a widow born in Dornstetten

Children of Johannes Sayler and Anna Truck are:

+ 2                  i. Matthaeus2 Sayler, born Abt. 1824 in Johannestal,Russia.

+ 3                  ii. Johannes Sayler.  



  Generation No. 2


  2.  MATTHAEUS2 SAYLER (JOHANNES1) was born Abt. 1824 in Johannestal,Odessa District,South Russia.  He married WILHELMINA MAGDALENA FISCHER 11 Nov 1841. 



3.                i.    ANDREAS3 SAYLER, b. 12 May 1852, St.Petersburg Rec.,Johannestal,Russia; d. 30 May 1920, Underwood,North 



Generation No. 3


3.  ANDREAS3 SAYLER (MATTHAEUS2, JOHANNES1) was born 12 May 1852 in St.Petersburg Rec.,Johannestal,Russia, and died 30 May 1920 in Underwood,North Dakota.  He married ROSINA DELZER 22 Jul 1874, daughter of GOTTLIEF DELZER and BARBARA STEIGER.  She was born 02 Jan 1854 in Johannestal, Russia, and died 29 Nov 1917 in Underwood,North Dakota.


The Andreas Sayler family immigrated to the US in 1894 and settled at Eureka, SD. Andreas is burried in the Underwood, ND cemetary.

Information about Andreas's family comes from land abstracts, obituaries,etc. and from Verine Reimann and family records. Provided by Betty Sayler Bromfield, Fargo, ND.

More About Andreas M Sayler: Burial: Underwood,ND,City Cemetary

More About Rosina Delzer: Burial: Underwood,ND,City Cemetary



4.                i.    HEINRICH4 SAYLER, b. 21 Sep 1880, Johannestal,South Russia; d. 16 Aug 1942, Gettysburg,South Dakota,U.S.A.

                  ii.    CHRISTIAN SAYLER, b. 20 Aug 1878, Johannestal,South Russia; d. 18 Nov 1952, Underwood,North Dakota; m. EVA BERTSCH, 20 Feb 1902.

                 iii.    KAROLINA SAYLER, b. 08 Oct 1874, Johannestal,South Russia; d. 15 May 1877, Johannestal,South Russia.

                 iv.    ANDREW A. SAYLER, b. 16 May 1876, Johannestal, South Russia; d. 04 Apr 1955, Venturia,North Dakota,U.S.A.; m. CHRISTINA STOEBNER, 11 Nov 1900.

                  v.    CHRISTINA SAYLER, b. 27 Feb 1883, Johannestal, South Russia; d. 08 Aug 1964, Canada; m. CHRISTIAN BERTSCH.

                 vi.    GOTTLIEB SAYLER, b. 08 Apr 1885, Johannestal, South Russia; d. 06 Aug 1945, Underwood,North Dakota.

                vii.    KARL ANDREW SAYLER, b. 20 Mar 1888, Johannestal,South Russia; d. 28 Jun 1968, Underwood,North Dakota; m. HELENA GOEHRING, 23 Mar 1916.

               viii.    EMMA SAYLER, b. 10 Nov 1893, Johannestal,South Russia; d. 23 Apr 1949, Underwood,North Dakota; m. (1) GUSTAVE SAYLER, 17 Apr 1917; m. (2) MR. SCHOCK, Aft. 1920; m. (3) ANDREW SCHAFER, 27 Jul 1947.







Generation No. 4


4.  HEINRICH4 SAYLER (ANDREAS3, MATTHAEUS2, JOHANNES1) was born 21 Sep 1880 in Johannestal,South Russia, and died 16 Aug 1942 in Gettysburg,South Dakota,U.S.A..  He married CHRISTINA MERKEL 28 Jan 1902 in McPherson Co.,South Dakota,U.S.A., daughter of ADAM MERKLE and CHRISTINE ALDINGER.  She was born 04 Nov 1882 in South Russia, and died 19 Feb 1954.

Notes for Henry Sayler:

Henry A. Sayler, born Sept. 21, l880, Johannestal, Russia, died Aug. 18, l942, Buried at Gettysburg, SD. This information came from Bette (Sayler) Brumfield. which she got from the funeral Home.

Notes for Christina Merkel:

Christina Merkel Sayler born l883 died l954, buried at Bapist Cemetery in Avon, SD. Bette got this infro from cemetery

 list in Heritage Review German from Russia


More Notes on Christina Merkel:

Her mother died from a fall from a wagon.and there were 2 older brothers.The 3 children were born in Bergdorf. The family had immigrated in 1885, when Christina was 3. She was 7 when her father remarried

More About Christina Merkel: Burial: Bapist Cemetary,Avon,South Dakota 


                     i.    IDA PAULINA5 SAYLER, b. 14 Jul 1902; m. JOHN MELHALFF.

5.               ii.    HELEN SAYLER, b. 23 May 1904, Leola,South Dakota,U.S.A.; d. 27 May 1984, Avon,South Dakota,U.S.A..

6.              iii.    HEINRICH SAYLER, b. 19 Jul 1905, Ashley,North Dakota,U.S.A.; d. 20 Dec 1990, Sioux Falls, South Dakota,U.S.A.

                   iv.    MARTHA SAYLER, b. 28 Nov 1906, Ashley,North Dakota,U.S.A; d. 1906, Ashley,North Dakota,U.S.A.

                  v.    OLGA SAYLER, b. Bef. 1908, Washburn Co., North Dakota,U.S.A.; d. Bef. 1908, Washburn Co., North Dakota,U.S.A..

7.              vi.    EDNA ROSE SAYLER, b. 15 Mar 1908, Washburn Co., North Dakota,U.S.A.; d. 17 Apr 1994, Regina, Saskatchewan,Canada.

8.             vii.    ALMA ELIZABETH SAYLER, b. 02 Jun 1909, Underwood,North Dakota; d. 27 Jun 1978, Portland,Oregon,U.S.A..

               viii.    HILDA SAYLER, m. EDDIE ENGLE.

9.               ix.    LEONA SAYLER.

10.              x.    OTTO CALVIN SAYLER, b. 29 Jan 1916, Underwood,North Dakoda; d. 04 Sep 1984, Spokane,Washington,U.S.A..

                     xi.    EDMOND SAYLER, b. Aft. 1916; d. Aft. 1916.

                    xii.    WILBUR (BILL) SAYLER, m. HELEN LOUISE.





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