Descendants of Georg Scheinost



Generation No. 1


1.  GEORG1 SCHEINOST was born 1775 in Langendorf ,Bezirk,Schuuttenhosen,Bohmen.  He married MARIA SCHWARZ.  She was born 1775 in Bohmen.     


2.                i.    MARTIN2 SCHEINOST, b. 1811, Langendorf ,Bezirk,Schuuttenhosen,Bohmen; d. Gurahumora,Bukowina.

Generation No. 2 



2.  MARTIN2 SCHEINOST (GEORG1) was born 1811 in Langendorf ,Bezirk,Schuuttenhosen,Bohmen, and died in Gurahumora,Bukowina.  He married (1) KATHARINA KISSLINGER.  She was born 1820, and died 28 Jan 1864.  He married (2) ANNA MARIA WELLISCH 1839.  She was born 1820, and died 28 Dec 1860 in Gurahumora,Bukowina.  He married (3) KATHARINA PLACH 12 Sep 1865 in Solka,Bukowina.  She was born 1837.



3.                i.    WENZEL3 SCHEINOST, b. 27 Sep 1844, Gurahumora,Bukowina. 




Generation No. 3


3.  WENZEL3 SCHEINOST (MARTIN2, GEORG1) was born 27 Sep 1844 in Gurahumora,Bukowina.  He married ELIZABETH HUBICK.       


                   i.    PAULINE4 SCHEINOST.

                  ii.    EVA SCHEINOST.

                 iii.    THERESIA SCHEINOST.

4.              iv.    JACOB SCHEINOST, b. 19 Dec 1874, Solka,Bukovina, Austria; d. 14 Mar 1946, North Southey,Saskatchewan,Canada.

                  v.    MARIE SCHEINOST.

                 vi.    WENZEL SCHEINOST.

                vii.    JOSEPH SCHEINOST.

               viii.    MATHIAS SCHEINOST.






Generation No. 4


4.  JACOB4 SCHEINOST (WENZEL3, MARTIN2, GEORG1) was born 19 Dec 1874 in Solka,Bukovina,Austria, and died 14 Mar 1946 in North Southey,Saskatchewan,Canada.  He married KAROLINA HUBICK 20 Oct 1901 in Storozynetz,Bukavina,Austria, daughter of CHRISTIAN HUBICK and ELIZABETH HUBICK.  She was born 10 Oct 1883 in Tereblestie,Bukovina,Austria, and died 21 Dec 1957 in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.


The following information was supplied by June Lang.

The Scheinost  name got changed to Scheinouse by their son John,Scheinous by son Emil, and Scheinas by son Arthur.Karolina and Jacob had four sons,but Ferdinand died when he was only nine months old.The three remaining sons all spell their surnames differently.  Jacob Scheinost , Roman Catholic,born 19,Dec,1874 in Solka,Bukovina,Austria,son of Wenzel Scheinost and Elizabeth Hubick.Jacob married Karolina Hubick on 20,Oct.,1901.Karolina was the daughter of Christian and Elizabeth Hubick;Christian and Elizabeth were 1st cousins.Karolina was born 10,Oct 1883 Tereblestie. They were married in Storozynetz. Karolina died 21 Dec 1957 and is buried at Memorial Gardens ,Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada. Jacob died 14 March 1946,he is buried at North Southey Zion Lutheran Cemetery.Jacob changed to Lutheran and all of their eight children were Lutheran also.

    The following was from a document  that was dated May 11 ,1911-They immigrated to Canada in June of 1911 from Austria and settled in the North Southey area where Karolina's brother John Hubick had settled.There children were  Ferdinand b: 1902, Emilia b: June 1, 1904,Elizabeth b:Dec 26, 1906, Theresa b:jan 10, 1909,Johann b:Dec 16, 1910,Regina b:Jan 3,1913,Arthur b:Aug 13 1915, Emil b:Nov 13 1919.

     Jacob was a carpenter in Austria-that was his profession.He was very inventive.He was also a blacksmith,a farmer,and a shoemaker.He made many of his own tools.He made knife handles out of deer horns and put handles on pots,pans,and knives and forks.He even made his own vise in the blacksmith shop. He made garden hoes out of disc blades and also push and pull hoes.He made coat hangers out of tree branches.Jacob made his own sausage press which his son Arthur still has.

Jacobs's daughter, Theresa ,still has the spouts from this sausage press which her husband made to fit their sausage machine. Jacob also made their tables,cupboards,benchs and chairs,their own horse harness and made his own ropes.Jacob made a reed for his clairinet which had broken.He wasn't able to find a ready made one so he carved it out of wood.Jacob's grandson still has this clairnet.His son Arthur,said that Jacob also brought a one row accordian from Austria.Jacob got a real bad cold,he got pneumonia that turned into plurisy(water on the lungs),then he got asthma which he had a very bad case of.Jacob's grandson ,Harold Lang,said he could remember his grandfather having to sit near an open window in winter to get air.Jacob couldn't read or write but he could understand and speak seven languages.


Karolina was a good cook,she was clean,she could read german if it was in english letters.Her daughter, Regina,said her mother baked real good bread.She also could make real good buttonholes,they looked professional but she sewed them by hand. After they were done she would bang them hard with scissors so they would be flat.Her daughter Theresa said her mom won first prize for her buttonholes in Austria.She said her mother mended clothes but she wasn't a sewer. Karolina always had a big garden.She raised a family of eight living in very hard times.

Jacob and Karolina landed at John Hubick's place may 20,1911.They lived with John Hubick from May 1911 to January 1912.They moved to John Triffo's place.Then they rented the land that Flornie Schmit  has now.Their children -Regina,Arthur and Emil were born there. Then they moved to the Sutor farm around Havelock School.In 1923 or1924 they bought SE-5-25-19W2 farm.Their grandson Frank Wirll still farms this land his grandparents bought.This was CNR land,recieved patent in March 1908.This information is from the archives.Their daughter Emilia said her father would go to Romania to work.He came home once in three months.


More About JACOB SCHEINOSTBurial: North Southy Zion Lutheran Cemetery,North Southy,Saskatchewan,Canada

Immigration: 1911, immigrated to Canada 


More About KAROLINA HUBICKBurial: 1957, Memorial Gardens in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada    


                   i.    FERDINAND5 SCHEINOST, b. 1902, Storozynetz,Bukavina,Austria; d. 1902, Storozynetz,Bukowina,Austria.

5.               ii.    EMILIA SCHEINOST, b. 01 Jun 1904, Bukavina,Austria; d. 28 Nov 1991, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

6.              iii.    ELIZABETH SCHEINOUSE, b. 26 Dec 1906, Bukavina ,Austria; d. 18 Dec 1998, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

7.              iv.    THERESA MARY SCHEINOST, b. 10 Jan 1909, Bukavina,Austria; d. 25 Apr 1999, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

                  v.    JOHANN SCHEINOUSE, b. 16 Dec 1910, Bukavina,Austria; d. 18 Mar 1981, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada; m. FRIEDA GUELDNER, 24 Jul 1954; b. 24 Feb 1912; d. Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

8.              vi.    REGINA SCHEINOST, b. 03 Jan 1913, North Southey,Saskatchewan,Canada; d. 02 Sep 2002, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

9.             vii.    ARTHUR SCHEINAS, b. 13 Aug 1915, North Southey,Saskatchewan,Canada; d. 15 Aug 1998, Alberta,Canada.

10.          viii.    EMIL SCHEINOUS, b. 13 Nov 1919, North Southey,Saskatchewan,Canada; d. 22 Apr 1995, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.






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