Descendants of Georg Wirl


Generation No. 1


1.  GEORG1 WIRL was born Abt. 1800.  He married (1) EVA SCHON.    He married (2) DOROTHEA UNKNOWN. 

     Children of GEORG WIRL and EVA SCHON are:

                   i.    MATHIAS2 WIRL, b. 1835, Machliniec,Galcia; m. EMILLA KUNZ, 20 Sep 1866, Felizienthal,Galcia,HN 15.

                         More About MATHIAS WIRL and EMILLA KUNZ:

                         Marriage: 20 Sep 1866, Felizienthal,Galcia,HN 15

2.             ii.    MARIANNA WIRL, b. Abt. 1840, Machliniec,Galicia.


  Baptism Records    1 2  3


Generation No. 2


2.  MARIANNA2 WIRL (GEORG1) was born Abt. 1840 in Machliniec,Galicia.

Children of MARIANNA WIRL are:

                   i.    ANNA3 WIRL, b. 1861.

3.             ii.    JOSEF WIRL, b. 18 May 1870, Annaberg,Galicia; d. 1931, Quinton,Saskatchewan,Canada.






Generation No. 3

 Marriage Record

3.  JOSEF3 WIRL (MARIANNA2, GEORG1) was born 18 May 1870 in Annaberg,Galicia, and died 1931 in Quinton,Saskatchewan,Canada.  He married (1) ANASTASIA JANY 15 May 1893 in Karlsdorf,Galicia,HN 22.He married (2) KATHARINA GUNTNER 15 Jun 1897in Felizienthal,Galicia,HN 18/92, daughter of JOHANN GUNTNER and ANNA MATHY.  She was born 10 Oct 1877 in Gorne Smorze,Galicia, and died 24 Dec 1958 in Regina ,Saskatchewan,Canada.


More About JOSEF WIRL:

Baptism (LDS): 22 May 1870


Baptism: 11 Oct 1877, HN 15 


                   i.    ANNA4 WIRL, b. 15 Jan 1894.



4.             ii.    JOHN4 WIERLL, b. 28 Nov 1898, Felizienthal,Galicia(Dolynyvka,Ukraine); d. 19 Jul 1989, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

5.            iii.    JOSEPH WIRLL, b. 21 Aug 1903, Felizienthal,Galicia, is now(Dolynyvka,Ukraine); d. 14 Nov 1982, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

                iv.    FRANZ WIRLL, b. 1904, Felizienthal,Galicia(Dolynyvka,Ukraine); d. 1904, As an Infant.

6.             v.    MARY ANN WIRLL, b. 08 May 1908, Felizienthal,Galicia(Dolynyvka,Ukraine); d. 06 Aug 1994, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.





Generation No. 4


4.  JOHN4 WIERLL (JOSEF3 WIRL, MARIANNA2, GEORG1) was born 28 Nov 1898 in Felizienthal,Galicia(Dolynyvka,Ukraine), and died 19 Jul 1989 in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.  He married EMMA SZORLE 03 Apr 1921.  She was born 19 Apr 1897, and died 01 Apr 1979  in Regina ,Saskatchewan.,Canada.


Children of JOHN WIERLL and EMMA SZORLE are:

7.               i.    FERINAND CARL5 WIERL, b. 09 Feb 1922, District of Earl Grey,Saskatchewan; d. 06 Oct 2009, Regina ,Saskatchewan,Canada.

8.             ii.    CAROLINE WIERLL, b. 30 Oct 1925.

9.            iii.    LOUISE WIERLL, b. 20 Oct 1927.

                iv.    MARY WIERLL 

                    Notes for MARY WIERLL: Died as an infant 


5.  JOSEPH4 WIRLL (JOSEF3 WIRL, MARIANNA2, GEORG1) was born 21 Aug 1903 in Felizienthal,Galicia, is now(Dolynyvka,Ukraine), and died 14 Nov 1982 in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.  He married ELIZABETH SCHEINOUSE 25 Jan 1925.  She was born 26 Dec 1906 in Storoschinetz,Bukovina,Austria, and died 18 Dec 1998 in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.




On further research I have come to the conclusion that our family is of Austrian Descent. The village my gandfather came from was Felizienthal,Galicia. The following is what this village was in these   years

Austrian era, 1823–1918

Polish era, 1918-1939

1940 to the present Ukrainian


So my grandfather was born there when it was Austria, came to Canada when it was Poland.Which would explain why he said he was from Poland.

Joseph was born on August 21,1903. He came from Poland at the age of 18.Elizabeth was born December 26,1906. She came to Canada  from Bukovina when she was 4 years old.

    They rented their first farm from the Fiesel family. In the fall of 1929 they bought their first home from the money he made catching gophers and trapping weasels.The government paid 2 cents for tails.Joe would sometimes break larger tails in half to make extra money.

     They later bought 2 quarters of land with money he made making and selling moonshine. You could buy a gallon of moonshine for $ 5.00 and buy a bottle of beer for .50 cents.All their  work was done by horse drawn implements with Joe and Lizzie behind.

     Joe bought his first tractor in 1939 -a V.A. Case, in 1947 he bought his first combine .In 1933 he helped build Serath Elbourne Lutheran Church and served on the board for 17 years. He was a  trustee of Havelock School until the school closed.

    Joe and Lizzie retired in 1973. They moved to Regina and bought a house at 134 Lorne St. N.Joe passed away at the age of 79 on November 14,1982.Elizabeth resided there until 1998 then she moved into Pioneer Village.She passed away on December 18 ,1998 at the age of 92.

    Joe and Lizzie had 8 children ,25 grandchildren,57 great grandchildren and at last count 10 great great grandchildren.




10.            i.    JOHN WILLIAM THEODORE5 WIRLL


11.           ii.    ARTHUR JACOB WIRLL,

b. 19 Apr 1928, 1825-19-2,Elbourne,Saskatchewan, Canada; d. 13 Mar 1988, Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.

12.          iii.    FRANK JOSEPH WIRLL


13.          iv.    SIEGFRED HAROLD WIRLL


14.           v.    WILLIAM WIRLL


15.          vi.    ALBERT WIRLL

16.        vii.    MARY WIRLL


17.       viii.    IRENE DORIS WIRLL


6.  MARY ANN4 WIRLL (JOSEF3 WIRL, MARIANNA2, GEORG1) was born 08 May 1908 in Felizienthal,Galicia(Dolynyvka,Ukraine), and died 06 Aug 1994 in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.  She married PETER SOMBACH 10 Jan 1928 in Quinton,Saskatchewan,Canada.  He was born 19 Oct 1902 in Sanktandreas,Austria-Hungary, and died 31 May 1994 in Regina,Saskatchewan,Canada.


Children of MARY WIRLL and PETER SOMBACH are:

18.            i.    ERNEST5 SOMBACH, b

19.           ii.    FRANK SOMBACH

20.         iii.    RAYMOND SOMBACH

21.          iv.    JOSEPH SOMBACH






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