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Marriage Record of Josef Wirl and Katherina Guntner

  Here is a copy of the Wirl Guentner marriage entry from
the parish record book.

Page 92
Year 1897
Marriage #3

3. 15 juni 1897
[15 June 1897]

Numerus Domus
[House Number]
Felicienthal Smorze gorne 18/92

SPONSUS [groom]
NOMEN [name]
Joseph Wirl agricola viduus post pdef. Anastasia Jany
fil.[ius] illeg.[itimus] Mariae Wirl - natus 1870 21/5
habitans in Felicienthal

[Josef Wirll, farmer, widower predeceased by Anastasia
Jany, illegitimate son of Maria [Marianna] Wirll - born
21/5 1870, domiciled in Felizienthal]


Aetas [age]

Viduus [widowed]

SPONSA [bride]

Catharina filia Joannis Guentner et Annae Mathy
agric[olarum]. nata 10/10 877 hic habitans.

[Katharina, daughter of Johann Guentner and Anna Mathy,
farmers. Born 10/10 1877 and domiciled here.


Coelebs [unmarried]
Aetas [age]

TESTES [witnesses]
[[can't read, maybe Valentin Mukschel...?]
Andreas Kraus

Per acto protocollo antenuptiali obtenuta paterna
licentia pro minoreum sponsa Johann Guentner nullo
obversante impedimento matrimonio huic servatis
servandis benedixi. Thomas Madej*? parochius.

[more or less... JG gave permission for his daughter to
get married, there were no reasons why this marriage
should not be blessed. Father Thomas Madey? ]

Also, Josef had an older sister Anna. She was born 1861
(also illegitimate) and died before 1885. She married a
Vinzenz Mathy on 23 jun 1882, FT HN 20. He was born
1856. After Anna died, he married Anna Eckert born
1867, on 28 july 1885, FT HN 46. They had a son Wenzel
born dec 1894, died feb 1895.


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